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08:00 - 09:45

Opening + Session 1

Keynote Speaker- Arima-san, Koito, Executive VP, R&D department
"Creating New Values"

Session 1- Car Makers Vision
Chairman- Hector Fratty    

09:45 - 10:15

Session 1 - Q&A

10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break

10:30 - 11:35

Session 2 – Set Makers Digital Light And HD Technologies- Chairman Michael Hamm, Audi

  • Marelli, Ernst-Olaf Rosenhahn, Head of Lighting Innovation
    “ADB Rating Systems, from entry version up to high resolution”
  • Ichikoh, Hiroyasu Onuki, General Manager Innovation
    Stress Reduction with Monolithic
  • ZKW, Gerald Boehm, Group Research & Innovation Director
    Possibilities of next generation high definition modules
  • Stanley, Yasushi Yatsuda, Active Optics Group Team Manager
    Evolution of ADB - Stanley never end the evolution of headlamps
11:35 - 12:00

Session 2 - Q&A

12:00 - 12:30

Lunch Break, Networking, Visits of Exhibitors

12:30 - 15:02

Session 3 + Session 4

Session 3 - Regulation - Chairman Geoff Draper

  • Michael Larsen, GM, Exterior Lighting Technical Lead
    ADB regulation in the US 
  • Wolfgang Huhn, GTB WG-S Chair
    Activity Report GTB Strategy WG
  • Rainer Neumann, GTB SVP Chair
    Activity Report GTB Safety and Visual Performance WG (SVP)
  • Geoff Draper, President GTB
    Removing Barriers to Innovation - A Reality Check 

Session 4 - Future Car Interior - Chairman Carsten Befelein

  • Antolin, Monica Ai, Lighting Director China, Julien Adillon
    « Smart lighting Integration »  
  • DesignLED, James Gourlay, CTO
    “Surface Backlighting for Future Automotive Interiors”              
  • Texas Instruments, Brandon Seiser, Product Marketing Engineer
    “Turn any automotive window into an HMI display with TI DLP"
  • Dominant, Eric Toh Chip Hock, Product Marketing Manager
    Accelerating Development of Ambient Lighting with seddLED
  • Yole Developpement, Martin Vallo, Technology & Market Analyst
    Car interior highlighting, lighting, sensing and displays synergies
15:02 - 15:27

Session 4 - Q&A

15:27 - 15:42


15:42 - 16:47

Session 5 - LED & ADB - Innovation & Democratistaion - Chairman Leo Metzemaekers

  • Osram-OS, Stefan Groetsch, Principal Key Expert/Application Fields
    Future Lighting Technologies and Demo of a High-Resolution Active Pixel - LED           
  • Lumileds, Norbert Lesch, Director Innovation Product Marketing
    Paving the way for Digital Headlighting: enabling Light source technology  solutions
  • Nichia, Hiroaki Kuroda, Manager  Advanced R&D and Kinya Ichikawa, Senior Research Scientist
    Future of digital lighting technologies starts with Nichia
  • Osram-Continental, Dr. Maximilian Austerer, Head of Technical Business Development and Elektrobit,  Dirk Spiesswinkel, Product Manager
    Sensor Fusion for HD Lighting
16:47 - 17:12

Session 5 - Q&A

17:12 - 18:32

Session 6 - Electronics, Lamp Aiming, Measurements - Chairman Ralf Shaefer

  • NXP, Prem Sharma, Manager Automotive SSL
    Advances in Intelligent Automotive Exterior Lighting
  • Elmos, Jatin Thaker, Senior Director Product Segment Lighting
    Considerations for dynamic Rear Light LED control using bus based semiconductor architectures
  • AML Systems, Ludovic Toulisse, Senior R&D Director
    When leveling and aiming merge into digital
  • Instrument Systems, Hassan Gargouri, International Sales Manager
    Methods to measure the luminous color of white and colored LEDs
  • Covestro, Paul Platte, Industrial Marketing, and Jim Lorenzo, Application development
    Driving Ahead of the Curve: Visionary Headlamp Concept with Polycarbonates
18:32 - 19:02

Session 6- Q&A + cloasing